Graveyard Shift

Which Circle Of Hell You'll End Up In, Based On Your Style Of Sinning

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Vote up the circles you think you're most likely to occupy in the afterlife.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Dante’s Inferno is the first book of The Divine Comedy, an epic poem illustrating the journey of the soul toward spiritual enlightenment. After losing his way in dark woods filled with beasts, Dante encounters the ghost of the Roman poet Virgil, who promises to guide Dante back onto his path.

In the first leg of Dante's journey, he passes through the Gates of Hell and slowly traverses each of its concentric circles, encountering various monsters, historical figures, and perversions of humankind along the way. As he plummets deeper and deeper through the Circles of Hell, the horrors and depravity he witnesses force him to question his true nature.

Everyone experiences wanton temptation, earthly desires, and unsavory thoughts from time to time. Some might even lean into their evil impulses and sell their souls to the Devil outright. It’s only human. Don’t lie to yourself - you are not above wicked thoughts. It’s time to reckon with your own essence, as Dante did, and ask yourself: Which Circle of Hell awaits you?