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Who's The Deadliest Disney Princess?

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List RulesVote up the princess you think would win in a battle royale.

The Disney Princesses have built a brand off of being kind and poised, but that doesn't mean they can't throw down when necessary. Some have magical powers and some wield weapons, but which ones would you place your bets on in an all out battle? Mulan or Merida may seem like obvious choices, but maybe Cinderella or Jasmine have something hidden up their sleeves. 

Vote up the strongest, most dangerous Disney princesses whom you think can hold their own in a fight, and vote down the ones who can't take the heat!

  • 1

    Strength: Is a trained soldier with experience in battle.

    Weakness: Stereotypical gender roles. 

  • 2

    Strength: Magical ice powers.

    Weakness: Social anxiety. 

  • 3

    Strength: Archery, horse riding, climbing, and sword-fighting.

    Weakness: Overbearing mother.

  • 4

    Strength: BFFs with the entire ocean.

    Weakness: The Rock's singing voice.

  • 5

    Strength: Skilled in frying pan combat.

    Weakness: Hairnets and visits to the barber. 

  • 6

    Strength: Expert at surviving in the wilderness.

    Weakness: Talks to trees.

  • 7

    Strength:  Mother to a furbaby with razor sharp claws.

    Weakness: Rich people problems.

  • 8

    Strength: Throws wicked sucker punches.

    Weakness: Desperate for human friendship, probably doesn't want to fight you.

  • 9

    Strength: Unnaturally long life span... and breath holding abilities.

    Weakness: Scrawny bespectacled nerds.

  • 10

    Strength: Brains over brawn and a Beast to boot.

    Weakness: No home field advantage, her entire town thinks she's a weirdo.

  • 11

    Strength: Magical scepter, sees spirits on Dia de Muertos.

    Weakness: Getting chastised by Esteban.

  • 12

    Strength: Killer gumbo.

    Weakness: Terrible work/life balance.

  • 13

    Strength: Fast and furious.

    Weakness: Cavities.

  • 14

    Strength: Derives powers from her magic bauble.

    Weakness: Performs terribly at the box office.

  • 15

    Strength: Silent but deadly.

    Weakness: Land sickness

  • 16

    Strength: Three whole fairy godmothers - eat yout heart out, Cinderella!

    Weakness: Narcolepsy.

  • 17

    Strength: Accomplished rat trainer. 

    Weakness: Strict curfew. 

  • 18

    Strength: Has an army of small men.

    Weakness: Will take candy from strangers. 

  • 19

    Strength: You wouldn't fight a literal child, would you?

    Weakness: Is a literal child.