Which Doctor From 'Doctor Who' Are You, According To Your Zodiac

Doctor Who has been an institution of science fiction television for more than 50 years, and throughout that time, plenty of talented actors have stepped up to play the Doctor. Prior to Jodie Whittaker's take on the character - which marks the first instance of a female Doctor - 12 performers piloted the TARDIS through time and space, and each can be linked to one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Unlike other science fiction shows, such as Star Trek or Stranger Things, there is little picking and choosing to be done - compare yourself to each version of the Doctor, and find out which one represents you the best.

  • Aries and confidence go hand in hand, though this sign can often be a bit moody and stubborn. That's usually because they happen to be right, and they demonstrate this by jumping head-first into situations without considering all of the options. That's not always a bad thing, but it can be dangerous, as Aries enjoy challenging situations.

    The Ninth Doctor was the first regeneration to follow the appropriately named "War Doctor." He could be moody at times, often brooding, but was also very charming and always ready to face whatever intergalactic threat came his way. He was unwavering in his morals, yet he was often willing to offer his enemies a second chance, regardless of the threat they posed to him and his companions.

  • You can always count on a Taurus to be there when you need them. Loyalty is the name of the game when a Taurus is involved, which means you should always try to get on their good side. If you happen to get on their bad side, you'll likely run into trouble, as Tauruses can be a somewhat unforgiving lot.

    The Eleventh Doctor was loyal to a fault, but he suffered greatly whenever he lost those he cared about. Always energetic and invested in others' feelings, Eleven was unrelenting in his desire to keep humanity safe while defeating his enemies - and there were plenty of enemies piled up by the end of his run on the series.

  • Geminis are adaptive people who can make their way in just about any situation. Their ability to adapt to any environment makes them an inconsistent bunch who can present one persona one day and a completely opposing attitude the next.

    When given the opportunity, the Fifth Doctor presented himself as a true English gentleman, but he occasionally succumbed to frustration. This pulled him out of his genteel demeanor and right into a snarky attitude. He sometimes held off on action just to see how a situation played out, but he did eventually tackle any problem that arose.

  • A Cancer will take care of the people they are close to and will think outside the box when presented with a difficult situation. They can be volatile in their actions, and severe emotional states can make them thoughtful yet forceful.

    The First Doctor was a bit of a trickster who enjoyed knowing more than anyone else around him. In many situations, he became defiant when fact contradicted his pre-formed opinions. He was curious by nature, which is why he stole a TARDIS and ventured out into the universe. Though he initially seemed gruff, he could become close with and devoted to those he cared about.

  • Leo is often found at the center of the group, which is where they are the most comfortable. Whenever a situation arises, they tend to insert themselves so they can be seen and heard, and so they can become involved in whatever is occuring.

    When the Seventh Doctor came onto the scene, he presented a serious and contemplative presence, though he could still indulge in his more jovial side from time to time. Seven was something of a schemer who would use the people around him to get the job done. While this may seem cold and calculating at first, a closer look will reveal that he deeply cared about his companions.

  • Whenever you come across a task that simply must get done, odds are a Virgo will jump to do it. These helpful people enjoy throwing themselves into their work, though you wouldn't want to interrupt them in their duties, as they might lash out at you.

    The Eighth Doctor was a romantic at heart(s) who would stop at nothing to accomplish his goals - often getting himself captured or being thwarted in the process. He didn't always look before he leapt, but he trudged on doing what was necessary long after many would have quit. While he presented an amiable demeanor, you definitely did not want to get on his bad side.