Which Era Would You Want To Live In?

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Imagine that you are an average person of average means (you don't get to be royalty!) and choose the era(s) in history you'd most enjoy living in.

Which historical era would you want to live in? Most people have their favorite eras of history, be it the Renaissance, or the '90s in Seattle, but rarely do we get to choose which time period(s) we would deposit ourselves into forever if we could. Imagine that you have a time machine and could choose which historical era you want to live in.

Different people will debate and disagree on what is the best time in history. Depending on what you can or can’t live without, you might be surprised at the era you'd prefer. Even though there’s no TARDIS to take you back, it’s a fun philosophical question to ask: what age would you want to live in? Does it matter to you if the mortality rate is just under 90%? Can you live without pizza? Find out who you are by looking through the historical eras on this list, then vote up the era you would want to live in the most!