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Which Fallen Angel Are You Based On Your Zodiac

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The fallen angels once stood at the right hand of God, but after their devastating topple from grace, the Lord cast them out of heaven. Although fallen angels are often grouped together, they - just like humans - each have distinctive personalities. They inflict dissimilar cruelties and have different hobbies - some are into science or logic, others enjoy poetry and the arts. Fallen angels are even into astrology. It's easy to draw parallels between our human existences and the eternal lives of fallen angels.

Just as some demons seem fit to possess particular zodiac signs, some fallen angels share more qualities with certain signs than others. You may just find you have more in common with a fallen angel than you thought.

  • Aries is known as one of the zodiac's most determined signs. They're motivated and always aiming to come out on top, much like the fallen angel Barbatos, who holds not just one prominent position in hell, but three: He's a great count, an earl, and a duke of hell.

    Barbatos also teaches all sciences and rules 30 Legions of Spirits. Only an Aries can understand how this busy fallen angel finds time for so many responsibilities.

  • Tauruses are said to be concerned with the material world - this sign values beauty and indulges in life's finer things. That's why Tauruses can relate to the fallen angel Seere. The always-bougie Seere appears as a handsome man riding a winged horse. He's capable of finding hidden treasures and recovering belongings. Much like Tauruses, Seere focuses on material goods.

    Tauruses are known to be good friends who stick by their pals through thick and thin. Similarly, Seere is a notoriously good-natured demon, always willing to help the person who summons him.

  • Photo: The Yorck Project / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Geminis are among the flightiest signs of the zodiac. Fittingly, they're represented by the Twins, since they're often pulled in multiple directions. No fallen angel understands this better than Dantanian, who appears to his summoners with multiple faces. Geminis are often dubbed "two-faced" because of their indecision and occasional selfishness, so this many-faced angel's association with the sign is only logical.

    What's more, Dantanian carries a book in his hand. Geminis are known for being intellectuals who love to discuss whatever they're studying at that moment, even if this pursuit changes frequently.

  • No one picks up on the energy in a room like a Cancer. Masters of intuition, Cancers have special insights into their relationships and the world around them. That's why the fallen angel Gusion is a classic Cancer - Gusion can see into the past, present, and future. He knows all and sees all.

    Gusion is also recognized for his ability to reconcile friendships, a task at which Cancers excel - they have the emotional intelligence to see what's really going on, providing empathy and a fresh perspective to all parties.