Which Halloween Urban Legend Are You Most Likely To Believe Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all have different ways of celebrating, or not celebrating Halloween. Some of us may stay at home and hand out candy, while others may get dressed and hit the town. Similarly, we all have things that scare us more than others, including Halloween urban legends. While most urban legends are considered legends because they can't be proven, they still effectively prepare us for the spookiness of the Halloween season; and depending on your zodiac sign, some of these stories might be more likely to give you goosebumps than others. 

Both the positive and negative aspects of your star sign can help determine where your deepest fears lie. Are you more afraid of finding spiders in your hair? Or is the legend of the woman in white what really makes your skin crawl? Find out which Halloween urban legends each zodiac sign is most afraid of. 

  • The urban legend of sharp blades and needles hidden in apples, a fall favorite fruit, has never been substantiated, yet nearly everyone who comes home with an apple on Halloween knows that it will, at the very least, be thoroughly checked.

    Aries are adventurous, energetic, and are the ideal trick 'r' treaters. They will undoubtedly be leading the pact, knowing all the good houses to hit and when. This also means that Aries are weary of the kinds of ticks that could be pulled on a night such as Halloween, and though they're unlikely to encounter a sharp piece of fruit, they will be suspicious of anyone handing out this delicious treat. 

  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Hook Hand
    Photo: Candyman / Universal Pictures

    Tauruses are strong-willed and tough but are also generally paranoid. This is why the story of the hook hand resonates with them so deeply.

    This legend has a few variations, but most often it involves a teenage couple on a quiet, dark lovers' lane who hears that a dangerous offender has escaped capture on the radio. In some instances, one person demands they leave the area, and they race home only to find the escapee's bloodied hook dangling from the door handle of their car.

    In other versions, the parked teens become targets. This legend is based on the real-life Texarkana Moonlight slayings of 1946 in which teens parked on secluded roads were taken out by an offender who has never been brought to justice.

    Since the legend is based in some truth, the outrageousness of the scenario validates a Tauruses paranoia and forces them to act on their fear.

  • Gemini (May 21 - June 20): The Decoration Is A Real Body
    Photo: Kemberly Groue / Air Force Medical Sevice / Public Domain

    Geminis are witty, social wordsmiths and are the life of any party, but they have another side to them which is darker and more difficult to read. There's a duality to this sign, and they can be as fun and bubbly as they are moody and quick-tempered.

    While the legend of the Halloween decoration that is actually a body is generally a myth, it has happened. In 2005, a 46-year-old woman was tragically mistaken as a prop in Frederica, Delaware, and in 2009, a man in Los Angeles was mistaken for a Halloween dummy in the window of his home. 

    Since Geminis themselves operate with a dual persona, it is not much of a leap for them to believe that someone's Halloween decoration is not what it appears to be. 

  • Cancers are the most creative sign, and their imaginations can run wild. They also care deeply about their family and home, and the idea that something as innocuous as helping out a fellow driver could lead to an unfortunate demise is certainly frightening.

    In the legend of the flashing headlights, an uninitiated member of a street crew is told that they must drive around at night in the weeks leading up to Halloween without their lights on. If a car passes them and flashes their brights - a signal that universally communicates a driver needs to turn their headlights on - that person will be tagged by the driver as a part of their initiation.