Which Historical Figure Would Win In An All-Night Drinking Competition?

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Vote up the historical figures who would drink everyone else under the table.

History overflows with heavy drinkers. What would happen if some of them went up against each other in an all-night drinking competition? Who would be the victor? That's for you to decide.

To make an educated judgment, it's important to get to know the stats and drinking styles of history's most notorious alcohol enthusiasts. Some were binge drinkers; some drank a little bit a lot of the time. In any case, all were well practiced in the art of holding their liquor, and alcohol had an impact on their life, celebrity, image, and work. 

Like everything else in history, context is always important. Drinking cultures have changed dramatically over the last few dozen centuries, from the ancient Mediterranean - whose populations by and large drank alcohol like water - to the short-lived Prohibition of 1920s America. So some figures, such as Alexander the Great, came from cultures that measured a man's worth by his ability to drink, while others - i.e. Ulysses S. Grant and his bourgeois Victorian world - saw alcohol as a shameful dark demon to be wrestled with.

Choose your booze champion and vote up the historical figures you think would be the last man or woman standing at the end of a night of drinking.