If You Could Travel Back To Any Historical Period What Would It Be?

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Vote up the time periods you'd love to park your time machine in; vote down the ones you'd skip entirely.

Humankind has made some inconceivable advancements in the little time we've existed on this planet. History is filled with crucial, revolutionary time periods, and many of them saw some pivotal historical figures and events. From ancient Egypt to the Renaissance, there are countless time periods that would be incredible (or terrifying) to experience firsthand. 

The Ranker audience was tasked with picking a time period they would most like to experience in person, and the answers were as varied as history itself. This doesn't necessarily mean the would-be time traveler would have to stick around, but rather they would be able to poke around a specific era for a short amount of time before being recalled to the current age. 

Vote up the time periods you'd love to experience firsthand, and vote down the time periods you're fine with missing out on. 

  • Ancient Egypt

    Ancient Egypt

    "When the pyramids where built, because that way I would know for a fact if aliens or humans built 'em."

  • Ancient Rome

    Ancient Rome

    "I can’t decide between ancient Egypt or ancient Rome. To see those empires at their height would be amazing!"

  • America - 1920s

    America - 1920s

    "The 1920s so I could meet my grandmother while she was a flapper!"

  • Viking Age

    "Viking age."

  • Europe - The Enlightenment

    Europe - The Enlightenment

    "Idk there's a lot of...[cool] eras but prob would prefer to be in Europe during the Enlightenment."

  • USA - 1970s

    USA - 1970s

    "The '70s! The Rolling Stones were peaking, Dylan returned & sang like a rockstar, Bowie, ... [Zeppelin], Frazer v Ali, drugs were great, beer was in those cool cans, sideburns, tinted glasses, big cars, tiny little bikinis."

  • San Francisco, CA - Summer Of Love

    San Francisco, CA - Summer Of Love

    "My parents time and place, to be a teenager in SF on Haight Street [during] the Summer of Love, Grateful Dead playing in the middle of the street. Yeah."

  • "The Old West."

  • Ireland - 500 BC

    Ireland - 500 BC

    "The ancient Celts of Ireland."

  • Jurassic Era

    Jurassic Era

    "Back to the age of dinosaurs so I can ride a brontosaurus and then slide down its tail like Fred Flintstone."

  • "Definitely the Revolutionary War period. Like to see what kind of men and women really shaped our country and not through a history book."

  • "Pre-Columbian Inca Empire for sure. Very few diseases, untouched landscapes, ritual human sacrifice. The simple things in life you take for granted."

  • Europe - Dark Ages

    Europe - Dark Ages

    "Europe during [the] Dark Ages. And I would find Robin Hood - I am still convinced the legend is based on a real person.

  • Early 21st Century

    Early 21st Century

    "The early 21st century. Life in 2314 sucks."

  • Ancient Siberia

    Ancient Siberia

    "Siberia, 13,000+ years ago when the ancient Siberian people split and crossed the land bridge. I'm a genetic match to them, so I'd love to see how they lived and hunted mammoths. And I'd come home with a mammoth. Because mammoth."

  • Japan - 1989

    Japan - 1989

    "To late '89 in Japan so I can live through the '90s with Japan’s most iconic cars."