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Which Horror Movie Isn't As Scary As Everyone Says?

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Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, The Shining: They're all classic films with the sole goal of making the viewer's skin crawl. The most celebrated horror movies don't skimp on scares, but the focus is always on the characters. Horror auteur James Wan once succinctly stated, "If you don’t create characters you care about, then it doesn't matter how great the scares you come up with are, you just don’t care about it." Without good characters, the scares fall flat and a wave of disinterest washes over the audience. But when a film has well-rounded characters with whom the audience can truly sympathize, those same moments can chill them to the bone. 

When we asked the Ranker audience which horror films didn't live up to expectations, several of the responses echoed that same sentiment. However, there are also stone-cold viewers in the comment section who think Hereditary is a leisurely Sunday walk in the park.