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Which Horror Movie Villain Would Win In An All-Out Deathmatch?

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Machete-wielding maniacs, dream demons with a sophomoric sense of humor, and mythical creatures with a bone to pick - horror movies offer some of the most enthralling and terrifying villains in cinema. They’re all scary as hell - but which horror villain would win a fight? 

We’ve seen Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees go toe to toe without deciding who’s the stronger horror monster, but this time there’s no sequel, and no box office at stake - just the worst of the worst duking it out for horror movie supremacy.

To determine who is the toughest horror movie villain, we’re looking at a specific set of criteria: What’s their signature weapon, and do they have a particular strength? What are their weak points? And the most important thing for a classic horror villain to have - a good catchphrase. We can’t tell you who’s going to be the last baddie standing - it’s up to you to figure out who’s the strongest movie monster.

  • Photo: Halloween (2018) / Universal Pictures

    Signature weapon: Like Jason, Michael Myers uses whatever he can get his hands on to slay his victims, but if he has his druthers, he's going to pick up a trusty kitchen knife.

    Strengths: Out of everything on his upside - his ungodly strength, the fact that he never perishes - his greatest ability is how sneaky he is. More often than not, if one of his victims sees him, it's too late.

    Weaknesses: This guy has a one-track mind and he tends to repeat the same mistakes and chase the same people over and over again. He can be trapped, set on fire, etc. You just have to stay out of arm's reach.

    Sample one-liner: N/A

    Would they survive?
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  • Signature weapon: Pennywise doesn't have one specific weapon that he uses, but rather an arsenal of mental and emotional attacks that are carried out against his victims.

    Strengths: This shapeshifting, hibernating creature can take on the form of your greatest fear, whether that's a werewolf or your little brother who was eaten in the sewer.

    Weaknesses: Pennywise feeds off fear, so anyone who's not afraid of him is already doing well, but a good group of friends is really the trick when it comes to defeating this sinister clown.

    Sample one-liner: "We all float down here."

    Would they survive?
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  • 7

    The Thing, 'The Thing'

    Photo: The Thing / Universal Pictures

    Signature weapon: This alien presence doesn't use something as mundane as a chainsaw to rid the world of humans; instead, it uses deceit and paranoia to turn people against each other. 

    Strengths: When this shapeshifter takes on the body of one of its targets, it's impossible to tell that it's an alien without doing some serious science.

    Weaknesses: Aside from the fact that this creature hates being alone, it really doesn't like fire and it can be frozen. However, it's hard to tell if the alien is something that can be destroyed.

    Sample one-liner: The alien doesn't have a one-liner, but if the person it's impersonating does, you can bet it's going to use it.

    Would they survive?
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  • Photo: Candyman / TriStar Pictures

    Signature weapon: Say his name five times and Candyman will show up and shove his hook through whoever called him. This isn't just a fishing hook - it's a giant hook that is attached to his hand. It's not something you want to be on the business end of.

    Strengths: Aside from having the unholy strength that allows him to straight-up disembowel people with his hook, Candyman also has the ability to take a hypnotic hold over his victims.

    Weaknesses: According to Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, this supernatural boogeyman can be defeated by destroying his personal mirror.

    Sample one-liner: "I am the writing on the wall, the whisper in the classroom."

    Would they survive?
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