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Which Horror Movie Villain Would Win In An All-Out Deathmatch?

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Machete-wielding maniacs, dream demons with a sophomoric sense of humor, and mythical creatures with a bone to pick - horror movies offer some of the most enthralling and terrifying villains in cinema. They’re all scary as hell - but which horror villain would win a fight? 

We’ve seen Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees go toe to toe without deciding who’s the stronger horror monster, but this time there’s no sequel, and no box office at stake - just the worst of the worst duking it out for horror movie supremacy.

To determine who is the toughest horror movie villain, we’re looking at a specific set of criteria: What’s their signature weapon, and do they have a particular strength? What are their weak points? And the most important thing for a classic horror villain to have - a good catchphrase. We can’t tell you who’s going to be the last baddie standing - it’s up to you to figure out who’s the strongest movie monster.

  • Signature weapon: Pinhead isn't so much of a "weapon" guy as he is an existential monster. However, he does use hooks attached to chains to string up the poor souls who run afoul of him.

    Strengths: Pinhead isn't just the master of dimensional travel - he's also incredibly intelligent. He rarely has to do any work to ensnare his victims; he just waits for them to trip themselves up until they wind up in his grasp, and then he drags them to hell.

    Weaknesses: Aside from favoring somewhat complicated schemes, Pinhead is at the mercy of the Lament Configuration, the puzzle box that opens a portal to his dimension. Anyone who knows how to work it can get him off their case for a little while.

    Sample one-liner: "Jesus wept."

    Would they survive?
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  • Photo: Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter / Paramount Pictures

    Signature weapon: Jason can slay his targets with anything, but prefers to use his trusty machete.

    Strengths: This is like asking the strengths of a tank. Jason is basically invincible: He's super strong, incredibly quiet, and always seems to be just where you don't want him to be.

    Weaknesses: Jason isn't the sharpest machete in the toolshed. Every time he's beaten, it's because someone has outsmarted him. He's also got a thing for his mother, and that tends to bite him in the backside.

    Sample one-liner: N/A

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  • Photo: Aliens / 20th Century Fox

    Signature weapon: This thing's whole body is a weapon, right down to its acid blood. These creatures hunt in packs and use the tiny mouths inside their mouths to chew up space marines before putting them in a weird viscous cocoon. 

    Strengths: Xenomorphs are unstoppable slaying machines. All they want to do is keep their queen safe and destroy everything that's not one of them. One of them is hard enough to take out, but when they're in a pack, you're truly effed.

    Weaknesses: Physically, these aliens are unstoppable. They're not the kind of thing that you can just take in hand-to-hand combat. However, they're basically just giant bugs, so a flamethrower can take them out lickity split, and if you happen to have access to the vacuum of space, then you just toss them into that you're set.

    Sample one-liner: What the Xenomorph lacks in snappy dialogue, it more than makes up for in cockroach-like hissing.

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  • Photo: Freddy Vs. Jason / New Line Cinema

    Signature weapon: Take note of Freddy's glove with claws for fingers - that bad boy's got some bite. 

    Strengths: As a dream demon, Freddy can do whatever he wants when his victims fall asleep. Turn them into a cockroach? Check. Pull them through their beds and shoot out a geyser of blood? No problem. Turn into a TV with arms and then smash someone's head into it? That's also something he can do.

    Weaknesses: Freddy has two big weaknesses. Not only is he susceptible to being tricked when he thinks he has the upper hand - or claw, if you will - but if any of his victims figure out how to work dreams in their favor, he's pretty much down for the count.

    Sample one-liner: "Wanna suck face?"

    Would they survive?
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