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Which Jedi Or Sith Would Win In An All-Out Battle?

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In a galaxy with lightsabers and clone armies, it's easy to underestimate the power of the Force. It has flowed through the bodies of the most powerful Jedi and strongest Sith, granting them immense power and a connection to something much larger than themselves. Some warriors choose to follow the light side of the Force, using their abilities to ensure peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Those who follow the dark side instead choose to corrupt the Force, bending it to their will and harnessing it to further their rage and ambitions for power as the most powerful Sith lord in the galaxy. 

The Force has blessed beings of countless species over countless millennia with great power, but who is the most powerful of them all? Let's say that all Force users are trapped in the Petranaki arena until there's only one person left, who would be the last one standing?