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Which MCU Character Are You, Based On Your High School Clique?

May 18, 2020 8.8k views20 items

Which MCU character are you? If you're a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you may have wondered which superhero (or villain) personality best aligns with your own. Oddly enough, your high school clique may hold the answers. Would you be the leader of the pack like Tony Stark or a low-key mean girl like Loki?

MCU's assortment of disparate characters aligns surprisingly well with the groups and subcultures that dominated your high school campus. Sure, Marvel's heroes have to save the world rather than prepare for an upcoming test, but each of their complex personalities can easily be boiled down into the cliquey categories you so hated - yet couldn't avoid - in your teen years. Really, could Thor be anyone but an athletic, loud, and self-centered jock? Certainly not.

If you want to settle the question of where you might fit into the MCU once and for all, take a look below to find out which MCU character you are based on your high school clique.

  • Jocks: Thor
    Photo: Thor: The Dark World / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    If there's one thing high school jocks are known for, it's their confidence. Sometimes, this confidence is earned, and sometimes, it's the result of a little too much time in the locker room surrounded by aggressive masculinity. For all their obnoxious ways, however, the jocks are generally laid-back... unless there's competition involved. They certainly have an aggressive and impulsive side, but they're also effortlessly cool and generally well-liked. 

    Thor and jocks are practically one and the same. This impetuous Avenger relies on his physical strength and combat skills to get him out of every sticky situation, even when using his head might be more effective. Despite his shortcomings, he has that relaxed, easygoing air all jocks seem to capture. He knows he's both well-liked and powerful, so it's easy for him to skate through life, facing every new challenge with confidence and a smile.

  • Tony Stark is undoubtedly the preppy rich kid of the MCU. Like the rich kids in high school, he never wanted for anything growing up. Unfortunately, that also allowed him to wear his wealth like a badge of honor. He's into flashy cars, expensive clothes, new gadgets, and anything else that screams, "I'm rich!"

    In high school, Tony Stark was definitely the kid throwing parties in the basement of his mansion before taking his brand new BMW out for a spin. Although he's polished, he's not exactly known for being kind, particularly to those less fortunate than he is. Like your average high school rich kid, Tony Stark surrounds himself with people who are much the same as he is. Take heart, rich kids of the world - maybe one day you'll end up like Iron Man.

  • Hipsters are all about staying out of the mainstream. They like things before they're cool, and they stop liking them as soon as they're discovered by the rest of the world.

    All of Wakanda, including Black Panther, exists in its own little hipster universe. Captain America's shield is made of vibranium? That's cute. All of Wakanda is made of vibranium, and they used it long before Captain America.

    Black Panther is all about staying ahead of the trends. He has the latest weaponry, the latest gadgets, the latest technology, all before anyone else on the planet - or even the galaxy. He's not quite as annoying about it as a normal hipster, but he certainly takes pride in his highly advanced society.

  • Mean Girls: Loki
    Photo: Thor: Ragnarok / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Loki could have practically been modeled after the cinematic classic Mean Girls. High school mean girls only care about being better than everyone else. They use cutting comments and underhanded methods to take down those around them. They might smile to your face, but in their mind, they're plotting your ultimate demise, especially if they see you as a threat. Most importantly, they only look out for Number 1: themselves. 

    Poor Loki - he's about as mean as they come. His jealousy of Thor and his undying commitment to self-preservation rules his entire world. He's friendly and charismatic on the surface, but he simply cannot be trusted. His undeniable wit and sarcasm only further emphasize his place in any high school's social ecosystem. Loki has his moments of redemption, but he'll always be a mean girl at heart.