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Which 'Penny Dreadful' Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

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Penny Dreadful is a supernatural thriller about Victorian London that aired on Showtime for three seasons. The characters in Penny Dreadful are never who or what they seem: Some are people with beastly hearts, some have extrasensory abilities, some are beasts with gentle hearts, others are beasts composed of absolute evil, and still others are individuals with complicated motivations and pasts. As a show steeped in horror and the occult - filled with representations of classic monsters like vampires, werewolves, and witches - each character must traverse through a universe made of unexpected twists and turns.

The most significant characters in Penny Dreadful embody the unique celestial alignments that make up the 12 signs of the zodiac. Earthy, airy, fiery, or watery, these 12 signs represent the range of qualities, motivations, and feelings exalted by divine positionings on one's day of birth. Find your astrology sign below and see if you match up with its description, no matter how good, bad, or in between.

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    The adventurous and athletic Catriona Hartdegen is a classic Aries. Not only is she a skilled swordsman, but she's also an impressive historian and thanatologist - a person who studies death and its related rituals.

    Aries is a Cardinal - or ruling - Fire sign guided by the planet Mars and symbolized by the Ram. People born under this sign are aggressive and action-oriented, always ready to tackle the next obstacle. It's no wonder Vanessa Ives reaches out to Catriona for help defeating a manifestation of Dracula. The Aries' propensity for being highly organized, passionate, and sporty makes her the perfect candidate for taking out this kind of evil.

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    A grounded Earth sign, Taurus is all about reveling in the real world and responding to what's tangible: touch, smell, hard labor, and physical beauty. Ruled by the planet Venus - representing love - and symbolized by the Bull, when Taureans aren't surrounded by tenderness and acceptance, they have the ability to turn barbarous and vindictive.

    This is exactly what happens to John Clare, Frankenstein's monster, after he is dismissed by his creator and cast out by himself into the cruel world. He's obsessed with the complex culture and human interaction around him, but he's completely disconnected from it, filling him with rage and contempt. He becomes fixed in his attempts to avenge Victor Frankenstein for his misdeeds, finding some solace when Victor reanimates a woman to give him what he really wants: a companion who won't reject him. Unfortunately, his undead bride - Lily - eventually finds another suitor, leaving Clare alone with his robust desires.

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    Henry Jekyll is a tall, adaptable chemist of Indian descent who went to medical school with Victor Frankenstein. Throughout Season 3 of Penny Dreadful, a darker side to this gentle and intellectual man is hinted at - one fueled by anger and resentment over the way he's treated because of his skin color. Presumably this side - Mr. Hyde - would have been unleashed if the show survived past its third season.

    These two entangled sides of Jekyll's personality make him a true Gemini, a mutable Air sign ruled by Mercury - the planet of communication. Geminis are curious and smart, always in search of their next intellectual pursuit. They are represented by the Twins, and most Geminis feel torn between opposing forces: keeping things light and airy or being more serious and focused. When these energies are not balanced, Geminis can lose it, just like Dr. Jekyll and his burgeoning counterpart Mr. Hyde.

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    As a Cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancers are deeply emotional, caring, and loyal. Vanessa Ives demonstrates all the key Cancer traits, from her profound spiritual connections to those around her to her instinctual abilities as a clairvoyant.

    This beautiful woman with a dark past and enigmatic powers also expresses the darker side of Cancers. Symbolized by the Crab, when they feel threatened, those under this sign turn their jealousy and anger into manipulation in order to get what they want. The shy and moody Vanessa has a curious relationship with her father figure, Sir Malcolm Murray, as well as his missing daughter, Mina, who was her childhood best friend. Throughout the show, she tries to comprehend the expanse and intensity of her own supernatural talents, with the ultimate goal of using them for good.