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Which Pokemon Type Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

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Your zodiac sign can help determine a wide range of things in your life, including your future, your relationship compatibility, and your biggest insecurities. You may not have realized that your astrological sign can also be used to figure out what Pokemon type you vibe with the most. 

If you're an Aries, chances are you have a fiery attitude, which extends toward your ideal Pokemon type. If you're a dreamy Pisces, dragon types are perfect for your imaginative mind. Whatever your sign is, there's a Pokemon type that matches you to a T. 

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    While Aries isn't the only Fire sign in the zodiac cycle, it is perhaps the sign that's best suited to its element - Ariens are frequently described as having "fiery" personalities. That's because they're assertive, ambitious heroes who are unstoppable forces of nature. The same can be said of fire-type Pokemon - whether we're talking Charizard, Incineroar, or Vulpix, these creatures blast their enemies with huge balls of fire, making them some of the most dangerous Pokemon around.

    What's more, while it definitely varies depending on the individual, some of these Pokemon can be a little hot-headed. Ash's Charizard in the anime is aggressive and refuses to listen to commands due to his confidence in his own power. Overconfidence and stubbornness stand as some of the sign's more negative traits, so this fits. 

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    More than anything else, Taureans value two things: stability and luxury. Taurus isn't a sign that thrives on change - rather, they find it immensely stressful unless they've deliberately decided on that change and have planned out every step. That being said, they're not content to just lay around and let things happen - this sign wants the finer things in life! Normal-type Pokemon might seem like a strange choice given this description, but it actually makes sense. Normal-type Pokemon are solid, dependable creatures who don't change much - except when they change wildly to become exactly what they want to be. Eevee is one of the best examples of this - an adorable Pokemon who is perfectly happy just the way they are, until they get ambitious and become the thing that meets their own high standards. 

    Taureans are also known for their love of food, which connects them to another normal-type Pokemon: Snorlax, who eats thousands of pounds of food per day. And then, of course, there's a normal-type Pokemon with almost the same name as the sign: Tauros! 

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    Water-type Pokemon are often playful, laid-back animals - just think about Squirtle or Wooper and you'll get the vibe. But they can also be the exact opposite as they evolve - Squirtle, for example, becomes Blastoise, one of the most powerful Pokemon out of the original 150. Some Pokemon even swap personalities without evolving - Psyduck is generally pretty relaxed until a headache makes his powers fly out of control.

    These type of mood shifts are characteristic of Gemini - a sign that's known for cycling from one emotion to another with ease. Personable and fun one moment, dark and moody the next, one never knows what to expect with this sign - or with water Pokemon. 

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    Cancers are creative, romantic, compassionate people who are deeply in touch with their emotions - but when social interactions don't go their way, they can be hypersensitive and prone to self-isolation or engaging in petty acts of revenge. These traits can be seen in fairy-type Pokemon. Many of them know healing moves, such as Floral Healing, or creative moves like Sing. Some stay chill no matter how their social lives proceed, but some, like Jigglypuff, get frustrated when they don't get enough attention and react by drawing on them.

    Also, Cancer's ruling planet is the Moon (not strictly a planet, but shh). Not only do many fairy-type Pokemon like Clefairy evolve using Moon Stones, others have Moon-inspired moves like Moonlight and Moonblast.