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Who Would Win In An Ultimate Presidential Fist Fight?

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Vote up the presidents you think would fare best in an all-out fistfight.

Welcome to the main event of the highest office. In this hypothetical battle royale, 45 presidents will enter, but only one will leave. Though current technological limitations prevent us from actually seeing who would win in an ultimate presidential fist fight, there's nothing stopping anyone from wildly speculating about the results. And just because there's no such thing as a definitive answer, that doesn't mean there aren't right answers and wrong answers.

Whether it be their physical stature, combative nature, or previous experience throwing down, some presidents would undoubtedly have a pugilistic advantage over others. Some presidents never raised a fist in their lives, while others threw hands and faced down death on the regular. In a melee, anything goes - and even the Electoral College can't protect them in the pit.