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Family Values: Which GOP Candidates' Families Seem Happy?

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List RulesIncludes both candidates still in the race and those who dropped out.

Family values are among the most important platforms for Republican presidential candidates in 2016 or any election. But equally important to voters are how the GOP candidates feel about their own families. Many seem to have very good relationships with their spouses and children, but others seem to have some skeletons in the closet, just waiting to be discovered. What do you think of the GOP candidate families?

Voters naturally have plenty of questions about Republican candidates and the happiness of their families. What do the Bush's REALLY talk about at family reunions? What's up with all those creepy comments Donald Trump has made about dating his daughter? And can we trust a single man like Lindsey Graham to stand for families?

Here's your chance to vote up the Republicans who seem like they really have happy families, and vote down the ones just putting on a big show for the cameras.