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Which Republican Candidate Would ACTUALLY Lower Taxes?

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With the release of Donald Trump's tax plan, the economic policies of 2016 candidates and Republican tax cuts are starting to come into focus. And when it comes to the GOP, there's usually one common thread to Republican candidates - lowering taxes. Lots of tax cuts. Huge tax cuts. It's not a Republican tax plan without them! The unfortunate truth, however, is that a politician saying they want a GOP tax plan to lower taxes is much different than actually lowering taxes. 

But which Republican candidates would REALLY lower taxes, and which ones are just toting more GOP tax cuts as a way to win votes? Some candidates have spent their entire campaigns talking about how they'll lower taxes, get rid of loopholes, and simplify the tax codes. Rand Paul took things a step further, hauling out an AR-15 assault rifle and shooting the code - well, a paper version of it, anyway.

Would Paul follow up his firepower with actual tax cuts? Or is he just another politician saying stuff? Who will lower taxes? Here's your chance to vote up Paul and every other GOP 2016 candidate you think will actually lower taxes.