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Which Republican Candidate Would Lead the US Best in a War?

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Which 2016 Republican candidates would make good leaders during a war? As commander in chief, the president has the duty to lead the United States in times of military crisis, and to ask Congress for a declaration of war. This is an enormous responsibility with great ramifications, and can have profound implications on the fate of the country.

While in the past, most presidential candidates had some kind of military experience, if not experience directly in combat, almost none do now. Of the Republican candidates for the 2016 nomination, only Lindsey Graham and Jim Gilmore have spent time in the military, with Graham having over three decades of service as an Air Force reservist. Rick Perry had also been in the Air Force, but with his withdraw from the race, Graham is the only veteran who would be picking up the mantle of commander in chief.

Here's your chance to vote up the Republican candidates you feel would be the most effective leaders during a war  - and to vote down the ones who would not make good wartime leaders.