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Which Robert De Niro Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Oscar-winner Robert De Niro has had a legendary acting career. He's frequently been cast as a tough guy, but dig a little deeper and you'll find a wide range of personas and personalities across his 100+ screen credits. Within these roles lie some very familiar archetypes, including some that may look familiar to signs of the zodiac.

Being a Leo in real life, De Niro knows how to bring the fire and charm to everything he does - but can you spot yourself and your sign in some of his roles? Are you a career- and goal-driven Capricorn boss like Vito Corleone, or more of a smooth-talking, truth-bending Gemini like Conrad Brean?

  • Photo: Taxi Driver / Columbia Pictures

    In Taxi Driver's Travis Bickle, it's not hard to see Aries, the sign well known to be fiercely independent and audacious. True to Aries form, Travis is always sure he's right and is willing to provide his own justice, even if it’s fueled by that classic flash temper.

    It’s still very important for Aries to defend what they think is right and rage against what they think is wrong, even if it only makes sense to them. Since they never do anything without full vigor, it can seem pretty extreme, especially if just comes down to them not taking rejection well.

  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Wayne 'Mad Dog' Dobie

    Photo: Mad Dog and Glory / Universal Pictures

    Steadfast and true, protective, and, well, bull-headed - these are things Tauruses are known for. It only makes sense, then, that Wayne Dobie from Mad Dog and Glory would be a part of this club. His “Mad Dog” nickname is wholly ironic, as he's more prone to following the status quo and creating a nice home for himself. Calm and steady, he talks “like someone from the round table" - that is, until he gets attached to someone he wants to protect.

    A Taurus knows all about transforming into the protective beast; the Bull can be stubborn and unmoving, but can also lash out when necessary.

  • Photo: Wag the Dog / New Line Cinema

    Conrad Brean is a natural spin doctor in Wag the Dog, and no one knows spin like a Gemini. Like Brean, Geminis are mutable by nature and devastatingly cunning. Incredibly quick with a pivot, they walk fast, they talk fast, but they think even faster.

    Brean, like most Geminis, seems to be straight out of an Aaron Sorkin script (which makes sense, as Sorkin is also a Gemini). This extreme wit and charm makes Gemini a master of conversation - and persuasion. “You could talk a dog off a meat truck,” one character says to Brean in Wag the Dog. Yes. Yes, Gemini, you could.

  • Photo: Sleepers / Warner Bros.

    Cancers are known for their immense emotions and how much they love their people, but what sets them apart is how far they’ll go to protect and defend those people. That kind of unconditional love and loyalty sounds a lot like Father Bobby from Sleepers, who's willing to put “Thou shalt not lie” aside to protect his people.

    Not only is Father Bobby willing to lie for his altar boys, he does so under oath, so help him God. He knows that what’s right and what’s law are not necessarily the same thing.