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Which Rocko's Modern Life Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Find out the answer to the question, "Which Rocko's Modern Life character are you?" by opening the cosmic gates to unveil your inner, emotionally unbalanced and behaviorally crazed cartoon character. Deep in the bowels of the '90s, Rocko's Modern Life was brewing up some of the most colorfully batty characters cartoons had ever seen. If you ever caught yourself wondering "What Rocko's Modern Life character am I?" you're far from alone.

Although Rocko's Modern Life was absolutely out of touch with reality and featured a continuous train wreck of zany drama, its cast was undoubtedly (and harrowingly) relatable. Who could have guessed that a seemingly normal kid's TV show could spin heads to the point where its audience was left questioning their position in their own reality? With a little help from the universe, Rocko's Modern Life zodiac signs might help make some sense of the real world.