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Which Sitcom Character Would You Want to Quarantine With?

April 2, 2020 1.9k votes 89 voters52 items

List RulesVote up the sitcom characters you'd most want to be stuck with in your own apartment or house. Vote down the characters you'd rather not share a life with.

You're trapped at home. It's getting real lonely out there. The only "friends" you can invite into your living room are Chandler, Ross, Joey, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe. But what if you could invite those characters into your house for real? Which sitcom character would you want to be quarantined with? Michael Scott from The Office? Michael Bluth from Arrested Development? Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation? Vote for the sitcom character you most want to spend the rest of quarantine eating frozen pizzas and hunting for toilet paper with.

  • Ron Swanson1

    Pros: A master survivalist who will be prepared for anything

    Cons: Has so many hobbies that he's bound to be really messy

  • Jim Halpert2

    Pros: A fun hang, likes to joke around

    Cons: Enjoys pranks, prone to moping

  • Joey Tribbiani3

    Pros: Has a good heart, a fun hang

    Cons: Immature, not very bright

  • Elaine Benes4

    Pros: Clean, stylish, motivated, successful

    Cons: Loves to complain

  • Detective Jake Peralta5

    Pros: A good hang, chill, will pay the bills on time

    Cons: Very immature, loves pranks

  • Pam Halpert6

    Pros: Neat, organized, eager to help out, loves art projects

    Cons: Not always able to express her feelings, a bit of a pushover

  • Monica Geller7

    Pros: Can cook for you

    Cons: Bossy

  • Leslie Knope8

    Pros: Highly organized, emotionally present, kind

    Cons: Talks a lot, stubborn

  • Chandler Bing9

    Pros: Will make you laugh

    Cons: Kind of a downer

  • Phoebe Buffay10

    Pros: Chill, open-minded

    Cons: Plays her guitar at odd hours, kind of ditzy, not always reliable

  • John 'J.D.' Dorian11

    John 'J.D.' Dorian

    Pros: Can offer sound medical advice, not afraid to express his feelings

    Cons: Kind of a pushover

  • Cosmo Kramer12

    Pros: Loyal, creative

    Cons: Sloppy, likes to smoke

  • Rachel Green13

    Pros: Loyal, romantic, fun, spontaneous

    Cons: Neurotic, has a hard time making decisions

  • Dorothy Zbornak14

    Pros: Loyal to her friends, tidy, loves a good slice of cheesecake

    Cons: Sarcastic, grumpy

  • Michael Scott15

    Pros: Eager to be friends

    Cons: Bumbling, oblivious to social cues, deeply insecure

  • Liz Lemon16

    Pros: Very used to staying indoors, loves to eat bad food

    Cons: Possibly the laziest person on this list

  • Sophia Petrillo17

    Pros: Wise, will take care of you in a time of need

    Cons: Rambles about the "old days"

  • Frasier Crane18

    Pros: Tidy, brilliant mind, can offer medically sound mental health advice, a good amateur cook, knows a lot about wine

    Cons: A total blowhard

  • Dave Nelson19

    Dave Nelson

    Pros: Organized, hard-working, neat

    Cons: Riddled with anxiety, has a hard time accessing his emotions, sarcastic, will drink all of your coffee

  • Barney Stinson20

    Pros: Classy, well-dressed, neat, always down to party

    Cons: Has tons of arbitrary rules, might break quarantine by inviting some "friends" over

  • Will Smith21

    Pros: Fun, friendly, rich, quick with a joke

    Cons: Immature, used to being taken care of

  • Dwight Schrute22

    Pros: Organized, thorough, task-oriented

    Cons: Bossy, definitely not a chill hang

  • Niles Crane23

    Pros: Brilliant mind, very clean, can offer medically sound mental health advice

    Cons: A bit of a jerk

  • Martin Payne24

    Pros: Has great taste in music

    Cons: A worrier, always anxious, needy

  • Sam Malone25

    Pros: Is always here to serve you, charming, a good hang

    Cons: Might break quarantine by inviting some "friends" over