Which States Do You Always Forget Exist?

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Do you ever hear a story on the news about another state in the union that inspires you to say “Oh yea, I forgot all about Delaware?” It doesn't have to be Delaware, mind you. It could be Rhode Island, or Wisconsin, or Wyoming, or any of those states that start with the letter “M.” The United States is a large country made up of 50 different states, so it makes sense that maybe sometimes we forget that Nebraska sits between Kansas and that other state. Or that West Virginia is not the west side of Virginia.

Keep in mind that just because someone forgets a state exists doesn't mean they inherently think the state is bad. It could be that the state is simply not geographically one of the biggest like Texas or California. Or maybe it doesn't get the same level of news coverage as New York or Florida. Or perhaps the person simply has a very inadequate understanding of geography and would forget every state except the one they live in.

Are there any states you constantly forget exist?

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