Which Street-Level Superhero Would Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight?

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Vote up the heroes that would dominate if they didn't pull their punches.

Superheroes are a dime a dozen, and for every Superman or Spider-Man, there are scores of so-called "street-level" superheroes who put their lives on the line each and every day without any superpowers to speak of. Granted, some of them do have an edge in the form of enhanced senses or something to that effect, but most of them are little more than well-trained vigilantes who enjoy beating the ever-living crap out of bad guys.

Seeing as these characters tend to beat on villains and crooks more often than they do each other, it's fun to imagine how a fight might go down when the excrement hits the air conditioning and these do-gooders must go toe-to-toe.

Scroll through the list below, and vote up the street-level superhero you think would win in an all-out fight. Don't just vote for your favorite character; give it some thought, and give your vote to the person you think has the skill and abilities to beat everyone else on this list!


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    When he was a child, Bruce Wayne witnessed the slaying of his parents. The trauma changed him into a vengeful force of the night, and after years of training and preparation, he took to the streets of Gotham City to become the Batman.

    Batman is an expert in all forms of martial arts, and he is a highly skilled ninja, capable of using all manner of weapons and gadgets. He prepares himself for any situation, including what to do if any member of the Justice League happens to go rogue. He's considered by many to be a better strategic fighter than Superman, and he even recovered after having his back broken. The guy seems to be nearly indestructible, yet doesn't possess any superhuman abilities.

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    Matt Murdock lost his eyesight in a freak accident, but unlocked an even greater sense at the same time. He can detect the sounds, smells, and movements around him to build an image of the world in his mind. Through intense training, he became Daredevil, the Man Without Fear.

    Daredevil is an expert martial artist and has fought toe-to-toe against the likes of Elektra (when they weren't making out), Bullseye, and some of the Marvel's heaviest hitters. He routinely goes up against villains more powerful than he is, and while he does have a super-sensory edge, his hand-to-hand fighting prowess is his real advantage.

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    Frank Castle's world came to an end when his family became collateral damage in a dispute between two warring syndicates. Already a grizzled veteran, Castle donned the identity of the Punisher to seek vengeance against the underworld.

    Castle may seem like a nut, but he's intensely calculating and strategic with his actions. He is also an expert at numerous forms of combat and military weaponry, and can hit anything he aims at. You do not want to be on his bad side, seeing as he rarely restrains himself. Even if he leaves his weapons at home, he's formidable.

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    When he was a boy, Dick Grayson witnessed his parents' demise at the hands of a mobster. Taken in by Bruce Wayne, it wasn't long before the young man began his tutelage in the art of vigilante justice by the Dark Knight himself. Soon, the acrobat was soaring over rooftops as Robin, the Boy Wonder.

    Dick remained as Robin for years, but after a while, he left his mentor to join forces with the Teen Titans. He later attended college and dropped the Robin identity to become Nightwing. Nightwing possesses many of the fighting skills, tools, and gadgets as his mentor, Batman - though he is considered by most denizens of the DC Universe to be far more personable. He is a highly skilled athlete, acrobat, and martial artist.