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Which Street-Level Superhero Would Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight?

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Vote up the heroes that would dominate if they didn't pull their punches.

Superheroes are a dime a dozen, and for every Superman or Spider-Man, there are scores of so-called "street-level" superheroes who put their lives on the line each and every day without any superpowers to speak of. Granted, some of them do have an edge in the form of enhanced senses or something to that effect, but most of them are little more than well-trained vigilantes who enjoy beating the ever-living crap out of bad guys.

Seeing as these characters tend to beat on villains and crooks more often than they do each other, it's fun to imagine how a fight might go down when the excrement hits the air conditioning and these do-gooders must go toe-to-toe.

Scroll through the list below, and vote up the street-level superhero you think would win in an all-out fight. Don't just vote for your favorite character; give it some thought, and give your vote to the person you think has the skill and abilities to beat everyone else on this list!