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Which Fictional Wizard Would Win In A Magical Mega-Duel?

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Vote up the wizards and warlocks who would survive a magical duel to the end.

Shooting lightning from your fingertips, whispering a magic word to secretly enchant a monster, signing runes in the air. These are just a few of the methods the strongest wizards use to wipe out other wizards in the great magical melees that spring up from time to time in the vast range of media depicting spellcasters.

It raises the question: Who is the most powerful wizard in the collective realm of fiction? Could Albus Dumbledore use his wand to disarm Gandalf and his wizard's staff? Could Harry Potter's lessons at Hogwarts help him defeat Jareth the Goblin King's enchanting crystal orbs? Could Doctor Strange defend himself against both the sword and sorcery of Geralt of Rivia?

For this particular mystical showdown, we're looking exclusively at male magicians, wizards, and warlocks (although that's not to insinuate anything when it comes to female wizards and witches). We're weighing the merits of these wizards in a free-for-all scenario, so it's not just about them being talented magicians but skilled combatants as well. So, who will be the last man standing when these powerful wizards duel?