Netflix's New Documentary Has People Remembering How Cringeworthy Abercrombie & Fitch Really Was

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Netflix just released a steamy documentary on the past of the retail store Abercrombie & Fitch, and man, it's a trip down memory lane. Many Millenials seem to agree and have taken to Twitter to discuss the specific nostalgia this doc has induced. Check them out and vote up your faves!

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    Like, They're Still A Thing?

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    Everything You Assumed Was Correct

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    Malls Are A Thing Of The Past

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    The Definition Of Schadenfreude

    The Definition Of Schadenfreude
    Photo: @katecma / Twitter
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    A Specific Nostalgia Trip

    A Specific Nostalgia Trip
    Photo: @alysynwonderlnd / Twitter
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    It Definitley Is

    It Definitley Is
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