White House Down Movie Quotes

"White House Down" movie quotes chronicle the 2013 action-thriller film about what happens when the White House is attacked and the President, along with an unlikely ally, is forced to fend off the attacks. The movie was written by James Vanderbilt of "The Amazing Spiderman" fame and directed by Roland Emmerich, who previously saw success with "Independence Day," "The Day After Tomorrow" and "2012." "White House Down" premiered in the United States on June 28, 2013.

In "White House Down," US Capitol Police officer John Cale (Channing Tatum) strives to improve his strained relationship with his daughter Emily (Joey King) and while she doesn't seem to share that feeling, she is excited with news that the two of them will soon visit the White House while John attends an interview to join the Secret Service. John's interview (given by Secret Service Agent Carol Finnerty, portrayed by Maggie Gyllenhaal) does not go as well as planned but the visit does allow him and Emily to go on a White House tour. During the tour however the two become separated and the White House is attacked by a domestic terrorist group led by Emil Stenz (Jason Clarke).

In the search for Emily, John Cale comes upon the White House library where an enemy is holding President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) hostage. In a heroic move, John rescues the President and the two battle alone against the remainder of the enemies and find Emily while also trying to determine who is attacking and if this attack is part of something much bigger.

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    Why Do You Want to Be in the Secret Service?

    Why Do You Want to Be in the Secret Service?
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    Carol Finnerty: "John Cale, why do you want to be in the Secret Service?"
    John Cale: "I can't think of a more important job than protecting the president."
    Carol Finnerty: "You did three tours in Afghanistan. You received a Silver Star for pulling a corporal from a burning Humvee."
    John Cale: "Yes, ma'am"
    Carol Finnerty: "Why?"
    John Cale: "I was a little concerned that he was a little too warm in there."
    [Agent Todd laughs causing John to look at him]
    Carol Finnerty: "You're not to look at Agent Todd… Evaluations from your senior officers: Sergeant Cale demonstrates a lack of respect for authority. Sergeant Cale has raw potential but seems determined not to realize it."
    [Agent Todd laughs again]
    John Cale: "Special Agent Todd keeps making those sounds I'm gonna start looking at him."

    While John Cale seems like a reasonable candidate to join the Secret Service, his recommendations from his superiors suggest otherwise. It certainly doesn't help that Cale seems to be a bit snarky in front of interviewers Agent Finnerty and Agent Todd.
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    White House Passes

    White House Passes
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    John Cale: "Look, I need you to hear me right now. Look at me. I'm sorry that I didn't make it to your talent show. I really wished I was there."
    Emily Cale: "I'm not."
    John Cale: "Well that sucks because I thought you would want this."
    Emily Cale: "These are White House passes."
    John Cale: "Your dad here has a job interview with the Secret Service."
    Emily Cale: "This is really cool, John."
    John Cale: "You just gonna stick with John?"
    Emily Cale: "Yeah"
    John Cale: "Okay"

    As the strained relationship between John Cale and his daughter Emily are introduced, the two talk while in the car. John expresses interest in being more involved in Emily's life while Emily is not as excited. She is however interested in what he gives her, passes to the White House.
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    Shoot Him!

    Shoot Him!
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    James Sawyer: [While kicking an enemy" "Get your hands off my Jordans!"
    [James Sawyer walks in on John Cole battling another enemy]
    James Sawyer: "Freeze! I said, freeze!"
    John Cole: "Shoot him! … No, don't shoot him!"
    [James Sawyer puts on his glasses]
    John Cole: "Shoot him!"

    President Sawyer thinks fast and steals a weapon from an enemy. He then has to help John Cole by shooting the other enemy, something he's not exactly trained to do, but something he knows he should at least put on his glasses before attempting.
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    Help Is Not Coming

    Help Is Not Coming
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    John Cale: "This is John Cale. I'm with the President. We're in the White House. They've taken the building and they're holding hostages, including my daughter."
    Carol Finnerty: "Help is not coming. You just need to get out of there."
    John Cale: "My little girl is counting on me right now and I am not just going to disappear on her."
    James Sawyer: "This is the President. If you could connect me to whatever command center we still have left…"
    Emil Stenz: [Using a computer voice] "Please hold, your call is every important to us."

    John and the President try to call for help but getting a rescue is easier said than done when they learn first that no such rescue effort is coming and then that their conversation is being intercepted by the enemy.
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    Rocket Launcher

    Rocket Launcher
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    John Cale: "Dude, we've gotta punch a hole in this fence soon or we're dead in the water."
    James Sawyer: "Weapons locker, they said there's a weapons locker in the back… Jackpot!"
    John Cale: "What you got? Yes! That's a rocket launcher! Take that thing that's in your right hand. That's a blast shield. Perfect!"
    James Sawyer: "Get me to the fence, Cale."
    John Cale: "I know you're into peace and all that but you gotta stick that thing out there and go to work."
    James Sawyer: "Damn right"
    John Cale: "Hold it with two hands, Mr. President… Here it comes!"
    James Sawyer: "I lost the rocket launcher."
    John Cale: "You lost the… How do you lose a rocket launcher?!"

    While they've found a vehicle with which they can use to escape, they are still trapped in the fence that surrounds the White House. President Sawyer finds a rocket launcher, which he uses perfectly to make a hole in the fence, but unfortunately also loses the large, powerful weapon in the process.
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    Did You Get the Job?

    Emily Cale: "Did you get the job?"
    John Cale: "Yeah, I think I've got a shot. You know how it is. They've gotta go talk amongst themselves…"

    Finally having something to make his daughter proud, John does not want to admit to Emily that his interview didn't go as well as he'd like. John wants very badly to be a hero in his daughter's eyes, something he might just be sooner than he thinks.
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