14 Things You Didn't Know About the White House

The White House has long been a staple of American government and it has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations. The almost mythical building has faced rumors ranging from Willie Nelson's pot-smoking on the roof to past presidents haunting its hallowed halls, but these facts about the White House are cold hard United States trivia that will surprise, enlighten, and entertain. What should you know about the White House? Let's dig into its history and find out!

The White House address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is one of the most famous locations on earth. These White House facts not only give insight into the funny presidential anecdotes and great bits of trivia, but they also give readers a history of the White House. Peruse this list for stories about presidents like Harry Truman and both President Roosevelts as well as fascinating and awesome pictures of the White House. These photos, accompanied by fun facts, will undoubtedly make you want to visit the Presidential Palace.