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The Comedic Dread of 'The White Lotus' Makes For Some Creepy Characters

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Let's get one thing straight: The White Lotus on HBO Max is at its core a comedy. But it's also a slow-burning creepfest driven by characters whose sometimes weird psychological issues manifests darkness from unexpected corners. It's a show that keeps you guessing. Do we really know these people? Do we want to?

Consider that we learn almost immediately that someone died at this high-end Hawaii resort - but we're not sure who. Then everything flashes back a week so we can meet all the characters to find out whodunnit or whether anyone dunnit at all. So many ways to die in Hawaii ranging from shark attacks to drug overdoses, and with this show anything seems possible. 

This show slowly casts a web of cringey and uncomfortable character interactions that seem destined to build into something bad. Very bad.

And so let's take a look at all the funny yet creepy characters who decorate this strangely comedic slide into rich-people problems. Vote up the ones you find the creepiest.


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    Olivia Mossbacher

    Most of the time, Olivia (Sydney Sweeney) comes off as a snotty little brat who clearly pretends to despise her wealthy life of privilege because that just feels more "woke."

    In reality, she's a mean girl who enjoys mind games and has always gotten her way.

    When she forces her brother to sleep on the beach, it's just another example that she regards her entire family as an annoying but necessary meal ticket.

    But her strange attachment to her friend Paula seems to go beyond typical Gen-Z comradery.

    Something creepy lives within Olivia's soul, and we know it will come out eventually. 

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    Shane Patton

    There's creepy. And then there's frat boy creepy, which Shane (Jake Lacy) wears like a fine tailored suit draped over a Polo shirt just in case there's a putting green nearby. 

    He knows he's rich, even admitting at one point that he got dealt a great hand (but it's not his fault) - but his weird obsession with the resort's booking mistake that booted them from the Honeymoon Suite suggests a dark inner monologue.

    He can't let it go, and his wife Rachel is starting to worry that his sense of privilege and entitlement will haunt their marriage long after they exit the honeymoon period of the relationship. 

    Can Shane reign it in and start to realize that he needs to listen to his wife if he wants to keep her? Probably not. 

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    Something seems off about Armond (Murray Bartlett) right away, as if he's someone projecting an outwardly sunny disposition to hide the darkness inside.

    Before long, we realize that's exactly what he's doing. And as he struggles to deal with various rich people and their panoply of quirks, problems and passive-aggressive requests, he soon starts to go over the edge. 

    It's creepy watching him slowly descend into a sly trickster who seems to relish showering smiles on those he secretly wants to strangle. 

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    Kitty Patton

    It's clear that Kitty (Molly Shannon) knows what she wants out of life. She's rich, and that's enough. Why can't Rachel simply shut up and enjoy the winning lottery ticket she just scored by marrying her son? 

    In truth, we know that Rachel sees her future self in Kitty, a woman who has learned not to think too hard about a life of privilege and leisure beyond its utility as a means to pleasurable ends. 

    Whether Rachel will reject that future or just learn to go with it quickly becomes one of the most interesting storylines. But Kitty's supposed lack of empathy for those who want more than she ever did may hide a darker design. And that's creepy.