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awkward The Most Awkward Cases of White People Dancing  

Ashley Reign
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Not to be un-PC, but let’s just be frank: most white people can’t dance. Despite the fact that most of us civilized folk do our damnedest to avoid stereotyping of any sort, there remains an uncomfortable truth when it comes to the Caucasian race and our dance floor track record. Sure, standouts like Justin Timberlake and Patrick Swayze have helped even the playing field, but they definitely don’t make up for the Elaine Beneses of the world. Need proof? Buckle up your seat belts because we’re about to show you in harrowing detail. Here we’ve gathered a collection of some of the most awkward cases of white people dancing ever caught on film.

Below we’ll take a bold look at the horrible truth as we examine some of the most unfortunate white people dance moves performed on Earth. Not for the weak of heart, the evidence you’re about to see proves that when it comes to avoiding epic dance fails, none but the most carefully practiced and highly trained Caucasian dancers are to be trusted. You’ll see chilling footage of men, women, and yes, even children, busting moves which they apparently believe are somehow related to the art of dance. You’ll even see a famous face or two, as Hollywood also has fallen prey to some of the most epic dance disasters recorded in recent history.

So if you’re looking to improve your moves, go somewhere else. But if you need a field guide for exactly what not to do next time you get on the dance floor, we’ve got you covered. After all, how can we ever eradicate the evils of bad white people dance moves without bravely looking them in the face and learning from our terrible, terrible mistakes?
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This Gangster

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This Alarmingly Limp Display

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This Sad Beyonce

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The "Gary Busey with Restless Leg Syndrome"

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