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Whittier Architecture: Famous Landmarks and Buildings

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List of the famous landmarks that make up the Whittier skyline, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Whittier architectural landmarks as well as other major buildings, dwellings, and other structures in Whittier are included on this list. Information about these Whittier buildings is included on this list, such as when the building first opened and what architectural style it falls under. List includes both new buildings in Whittier and older historic landmarks.

List features buildings like National Bank of Whittier Building and Hoover Hotel.

This list answers the question, "What are the most famous buildings in Whittier?"

This is a good reference for research into the historical architecture in Whittier. Famous architectural houses within the city of Whittier are included as well, sometimes by address, other times listed by the name of the original home owner.
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    Hoover Hotel

    Hoover Hotel is a historic hotel in Whittier, Los Angeles County, Southern California....  more
    • City/Town: Whittier, California, USA
    • Opened: Jan 01 1930
    • Style: Mission Revival Style architecture, Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture, Mediterranean Revival Style architecture
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    Jonathan Bailey House

    Jonathan Bailey House is a historic site in Whittier, California. Built in 1860, the house was occupied by Jonathan Bailey in 1887. Bailey was a leader in the development of Whittier, and his home a center of the city's early business, social and religious activity. The Bailey House was deeded to the City of Whittier in 1975 and is operated as a museum by the Whittier Historical Society with maintenance by the City of Whittier Park Department with special help from volunteers. The property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977....  more
    • City/Town: Whittier, California, USA
    • Opened: Jan 01 1860
  • National Bank of Whittier Building is a historic building in uptown Whittier, California. Built in 1923 by John and David Parkinson in the Beaux Arts Neoclassical architecture style, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The current building is the best remaining example of the Beaux Arts style in the City. The building is of national significance as it was the site of Richard M. Nixon's first law office. Whittier was Nixon's boyhood home from the age of nine. In 1938 he served as the Deputy City Attorney to the City of Whittier. A replica of President Nixon's office has been re-created and is available to tour at the Whittier Historical Museum....  more
    • City/Town: Whittier, California, USA
    • Opened: Jan 01 1923
    • Style: Renaissance architecture
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    Orin Jordan House

    The Orin Jordan House is a Victorian house in Whittier, California that was built in 1888 by Orin Jordan. Also known as the "Old Jordan House" and the "Whitaker Home", the house is located at 8310 S. Comstock Ave....  more
    • City/Town: Whittier, California, USA
    • Opened: Jan 01 1888