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Vladimir Putin's Daughters Are Kept Under Such Secrecy, Nearly No One Knows Where (Or Who) They Are

Not a day goes by when Vladimir Putin isn't in the papers, but the same certainly can't be said for Putin's daughters. Yekaterina Putina and Mariya Putina, also known as Katya and Masha, are now in their early 30s, but they haven't been quoted by the media since they were young children, when Putin was first appointed president.

Putin's personal life has been shrouded in secrecy since he assumed the presidency, and those who know anything about the Kremlin and the KGB shouldn't be surprised that the Russian media doesn't push back on Putin's policies. Even foreign newspapers don't dare mention the daughters, and those who cross a line are punished. Journalists resign, newspapers fold, and people go to jail.

The Russian president has extended his reach of power to completely envelop the daughters. They even attended college under false identities. Those who knew them—and perhaps even those who know them now—aren't aware of who the young women really are.