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Who Bit Beyoncé?

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Beyoncé once promised listeners "your dinner, your dessert, and so much more," and apparently one actress took her at her word. According to a March 2018 interview in GQ, Tiffany Haddish claims someone bit Beyoncé on the face. Specifically, an actress bit Beyoncé on the face at an Inglewood afterparty for one of her performances in December 2017. Haddish says she wanted to confront said actress, but benevolent Bey held her back, saying the perpetrator was "on drugs. She not even drunk." The Beyoncé-biting actress in question reportedly also told Haddish not to dance. She sounds about as fun as "Perfect Duet."

Just as you start thinking this sounds like a Beyoncé conspiracy theory, Chrissy Teigen comes along and claims she, too, knows who bit Sasha Fierce on Twitter. For once, the name on everyone's mouths like liquor is not Yoncé but rather the person who bit Beyoncé.

So based on the evidence given so far, can the internet determine who bit Beyoncé? Vulture deduced several of the afterparty's guests, but no one knows who all was and wasn't there. Some of the guesses on this list are simply people who qualify as actresses who might have bitten Beyoncé. A number of celebrities reportedly dislike Beyoncé, so she definitely has her enemies out there. That being said, no celebrity who values their brand wants to stir the Beyhive; actresses like Jennifer Aniston gave out public statements clarifying they would never take "Cater 2 U" this literally. A few of the actresses below denied biting Beyoncé, but this is also hardly behavior anyone would take credit for. Maybe everyone needs to "chill" as Bey herself said, since she probably has her own people handling the situation right now. You don't just chomp Destiny's favorite child and get away with it.

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