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Who Do You Think Is Really Making Decisions In The White House?

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On August 13, 2018, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman released a recording of President Trump reacting to her dismissal. The audio clip allegedly transpired the day after John Kelly, Trump's Chief of Staff, told Manigault Newman she had to leave, yet it sounds like Trump had no part in the decision to fire her. 

This incident has pushed many to wonder who's really making the decisions in the White House. If Trump is to be believed, someone else clearly decided Manigault Newman had to go, so how many other decisions are resolved by the people surrounding the president?

Given his proximity to the situation, Kelly is an obvious choice, as is Vice President Mike Pence, who has a considerably longer political history than Trump. Even some of the people Trump has fired, such as his old attorney Michael Cohen, could still be theoretically pulling a few strings here and there. 

However, it's possible no one in the White House has greater practical authority than President Trump himself. Perhaps his lack of knowledge regarding the Manigault Newman situation was an unfortunate, one-time lapse in communication (or maybe he just wanted her to blame someone else when they spoke in person).  

So what do you make of it all? Which political figures surrounding Trump's White House are actually making the tough calls? Vote up the individuals who seem to have an unusual amount of sway in the oval office

  • 1
    Vladimir Putin

    President of Russia

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  • 2
    Jared Kushner

    Senior Advisor to the President, husband to Ivanka Trump

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  • 3
    Sean Hannity

    Fox News host

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  • 4
    Charles And David Koch

    Charles And David Koch

    Oil tycoons, notable Conservative benefactors

  • 5
    Stephen Miller

    Senior Advisor to the President, White House Director of Speechwriting

  • 6
    Steven Mnuchin

    US Secretary of the Treasury

  • 7
    Wayne LaPierre

    Chief Executive Officer of the NRA

  • 8
    Mitch McConnell

    Senate Majority Leader

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  • 9
    Mike Pence

    Vice President of the United States

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  • 10
    Mike Pompeo

    US Secretary of State

  • 11
    Rudy Giuliani

    Former Mayor of New York City, personal attorney for President Trump

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  • 12
    Donald Trump, Jr.

    President Trump's eldest son

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  • 13
    Alex Jones

    Host of radio program The Alex Jones Show

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  • 14
    David Duke

    David Duke

    Former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives

  • 15
    Steve Bannon (Still)

    Former White House Chief Strategist

  • 16
    Ivanka Trump

    American businesswoman, President Trump's daughter

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  • 17
    Donald Trump

    President of the United States

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  • 18
    John R. Bolton

    US National Security Advisor

  • 19
    John F. Kelly

    White House Chief of Staff

  • 20
    Jim Mattis

    US Secretary of Defense

  • 21
    Kellyanne Conway

    Counselor to the President, previously Trump's campaign manager

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  • 22
    Kim Jong-un

    Supreme Leader of North Korea

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  • 23
    Wilbur Ross

     US Secretary of Commerce

  • 24
    Melania Trump

    First Lady of the United States

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  • 25
    Robert Mueller

    Robert Mueller

    Special Counsel for the US Department of Justice