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Who Did These Eventually Famous Kids Grow Up To Be?

List RulesMust be a kid who became a notable adult.

When kids are young, they can be anything: astronauts, politicians, police officers, attorneys, the ice cream man (you know you wanted that job!) and more. They can also turn into corrupt, evil, morally bankrupt people. They're kids, they can be anything! As it turns out, some of the greatest actors ever, the best musicians, and the most popular celebrities were all kids at some point, and they had the choice to pursue noble professions or go, Darth Vader style, to the dark side. 

These pictures of celebrities when they were kids give a little glimpse into the childhoods of some of the most important people in history. From a well-know performer's humble beginnings in the mountains of Tennessee to the school failings of some of the smartest people who ever lived, these pictures of famous people when they were young will shed some light on what could have been with some of the best known people of our time. 

Who are some stupid kids who grew up to be smart? What successful people almost chose different careers? This look at the childhoods of famous people is eye-opening in its glimpse into what people have the potential to become.