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All Of The Marvel Characters Who Have Slayed The Hulk

Everyone knows that they wouldn’t like Bruce Banner when he’s angry, and when he’s really angry, he’s the strongest one there is - except when he’s not. Incredibly enough, there’s a rather lengthy list of Marvel characters who have defeated the Hulk, who have beaten the Hulk, and who have even killed the Hulk. 

Can the Hulk die? These days, a better question might be “can the Hulk go a month without dying?” Journeys to the afterlife are a frequent part of the jade giant’s modern existence, as are the inevitable return trips, now that Banner is widely recognized as the Immortal Hulk. In fact, some of the very best Hulk storylines in recent memory have revolved around his untimely demise and, more importantly, what happened afterward.

But in order to get a dead Hulk, you need someone capable of slaying a Hulk - and that’s still a rather privileged club.