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Everyone Who Has Wielded Captain America's Shield In Marvel Comics

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For an item that carries such symbolic weight, the roll call of those who have carried Captain America’s shield is a surprisingly lengthy one. Obviously, Steve Rogers is the individual who wields the shield first, most famously, and most frequently, but he’s had to hand it off to a number of others over the decades. Some of them, like Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, are household names. Others were only notable when they had the shield in hand, and quickly faded into obscurity after passing it on.

Aside from perhaps Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir, no object in comic book history holds as much metaphorical heft as Cap’s iconic buckler. Of course, the shield - made from a unique blend of vibranium, proto-adamantium, and good ol’ American steel - is a worthy weapon in and of itself. But it represents so much more than a handy thing to hurl at a villain’s head, and that’s true no matter who happens to be strapped to it.