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Everyone Who Has Wielded Mjolnir In Marvel Comics

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It's a well-known fact that only the worthy can pick up Mjolnir - and that worthiness isn't necessarily limited to Thor. As the inscription upon the hammer reads, "Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." It used to read "if he be worthy," but there have been big changes in the Marvel universe since the Thunder God's first appearance. 

Thor and his hammer have been a part of Marvel Comics history since Journey into Mystery #83 hit the stands in 1963. In the intervening 55+ years, more than two dozen characters were deemed worthy enough to slug an enemy with Thor's mighty hammer. They are all listed here, but which character is the worthiest?

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    Puddlegulp / Throg

    Loki managed to turn Thor into a frog in The Mighty Thor #394, but it wasn't long before Thor went back to normal. Fast-forward a couple of decades and another frog hopped onto the scene: Puddlegulp, another human-turned-amphibian, but whose transformation was more of a permanent thing.

    Originally a human named Simon Walterson, Puddlegulp helped frog Thor fight some evil rats back in the day. He disappeared from the comics for a while before returning in Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1, where he's shown to be a bit more powerful than before. It is revealed that a small sliver of Mjolnir was left behind when Thor originally departed his frog friends. When Puddlegulp picked it up, he transformed into Throg, the Frog of Thunder, defender of the creatures of Central Park. 

    While Puddlegulp didn't lift the hammer per se, the sliver did transform into a miniature version of Mjolnir when the frog touched it - which seems like it should count.

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  • The Norse pantheon of gods isn't the only group of deities Marvel has used over the years. Back in Thor Annual #8, both Loki and Thor lose their memories and find themselves fighting alongside the Trojans in ancient Greece. You can guess who came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse (hint: it wasn't Thor).

    When the brothers regain their memories, Thor ends up fighting against Zeus, the resident King of the Gods. After Thor throws Mjolnir at the god, Zeus snatches it out of the air and prevents it from returning to the God of Thunder! This is a shocking moment for Thor, but it quickly wears off. Even Zeus is unable to hold onto the enchanted hammer for long, and it eventually returns to its rightful master.

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  • With her checkered past, Storm doesn't seem like the kind of character who would normally be able to lift Mjolnir - and she's not. Back when the New Mutants and X-Men had a bit of a crossover event, the mutants found themselves stuck living on Asgard. While they were there, Loki tried to convince a depowered Storm to take over as Thor. This was yet another manipulation by the God of Mischief designed to target his brother at the expense of another person.

    Loki created a fake Mjolnir, called Stormcaster, and gave it to her. The magic of the hammer turned Storm into a version of Thor, complete with his powers. She eventually broke free from Loki's control and cast Stormcaster aside, but the incident suggested the mutant might have been worthy to wield the actual Mjolnir.

    This is put to the test in X-Men: To Serve and Protect #3, when Thor hands Stormcaster back to Storm. She transforms once more and, alongside the Odinson, wipes out the fake copy. While this would seem to indicate Storm is worthy, Thor was in contact with his hammer at the time, which leaves the matter up in the air.

    Would Storm have been able to lift Mjolnir if Thor had not also been holding it, or would it have rejected her outright? The fans may never know...

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    Mjolnir was crafted by Odin, Thor's father, but even the King of Asgard had a father of his own. Bor was long gone from the Marvel universe until Loki resurrected him in Thor #600.

    Finding himself transported into the middle of New York City, Bor believes he is in a demonic world. When his grandson shows up, he assumes the warrior is a demon lord. This leads to an epic fight between the gods. During the clash, Thor throws his hammer, but Bor simply catches it. And not only does the elder god catch the hammer, he also considers it an unworthy tool and immediately throws it aside. The clash rages from there.

    Thor defeats Bor by using the entirety of his power, which is enhanced by the Odinforce, but Mjolnir is shattered in the conflict. That's not the end of Thor's misery, however. For the affront of striking down Asgardian royalty, Thor is banished from his homeland. Of course, this is exactly what Loki wanted from the whole affair.

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