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Everyone Who Has Wielded Mjolnir In Marvel Comics

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It's a well-known fact that only the worthy can pick up Mjolnir - and that worthiness isn't necessarily limited to Thor. As the inscription upon the hammer reads, "Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." It used to read "if he be worthy," but there have been big changes in the Marvel universe since the Thunder God's first appearance. 

Thor and his hammer have been a part of Marvel Comics history since Journey into Mystery #83 hit the stands in 1963. In the intervening 55+ years, more than two dozen characters were deemed worthy enough to slug an enemy with Thor's mighty hammer. They are all listed here, but which character is the worthiest?

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    Eric Masterson / Thunderstrike

    Originally, Thor was the superheroic identity of Donald Blake, and he only came out when Blake slammed his walking stick into the ground. The Blake persona was eventually phased out, but the concept of Thor having a mortal alter ego was reintroduced with Eric Masterson.

    In a nutshell, Thor saved Masterson by merging their essences together, and from that point forward, Masterson became Thor when he bashed his walking stick into the ground. That worked for a while, but things changed in The Mighty Thor #432.

    In that issue, Thor is banished over his decision to slay Loki, which leaves Masterson angry about the Thunder God's treatment. In a fit of rage, he strikes out with his walking stick, but instead of losing control of his body to the Thunder God, he transforms into a newish version of Thor. For some time afterwards, Masterson's Thor is the Thor of the Marvel universe while the original is missing. 

    Eventually, Thor comes back, but to reward Masterson's good work, Odin crafts an enchanted mace for him to wield so he can continue to be a superhero. He goes by the name Thunderstrike, but is later slain fighting the evil Seth.

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  • One of the Warriors Three, Volstagg is a close ally and friend of Thor. However, he isn't worthy enough to wield the hammer of his fighting buddy. At least, not the Earth-616 hammer.

    The hammer from the Ultimate Universe, Earth-1610, is another story. When that universe was wiped out during the Secret Wars crossover, its Mjolnir passed through the dimensions to land in the mainstream Marvel universe. In The Mighty Thor #20, several fought to claim the hammer, including Thanos's minions, the Collector, and Odinson, AKA "the unworthy Thor." None of them managed to prove themselves worthy. However, when Volstagg flew into a fit of rage after failing to save some children from the fires of the Queen of Cinders, he heard the hammer call to him.

    Volstagg took hold of the hammer and became the War Thor. The hammer had changed after passing through universes, and it was angry. That anger was fed by Volstagg's quest for vengeance against the Queen of Cinders, transforming the once-merry warrior into the mainstream universe's newest Thor.

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  • The Hulk may be the strongest character in the Marvel universe, but strength has nothing to do with wielding the enchanted hammer. Mjolnir's enchantment had to be lifted before the green guy could pick it up.

    Back in the early days of Marvel Comics, fans could be heavily involved in the writing process thanks to creators like Stan Lee. He was happy to take fan suggestions and find ways to work them into the comics. In an attempt to settle the argument of which character was stronger - Thor or Hulk - the two got into an off-panel fight within the story of Avengers #3. The panels in question were illustrated in Journey Into Mystery #112, and they showed Thor asking Odin to turn off the enchantment for five minutes so the two heavy-hitters could fight on equal ground.

    After Odin acceded to his son's request, the Hulk could lift Mjolnir with no trouble whatsoever.

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    Miguel O'Hara / Spider-Man 2099

    Back in the late '90s, Marvel's 2099 series was meant to come to an end in the one-shot called Manifest Destiny. The book was intended to wrap up the remaining storylines, such as the one dealing with Miguel O'Hara, otherwise known as Spider-Man 2099. In the book, O'Hara went on to run Alchemax, the evil corporation responsible for his transformation in the first place. Though he had Mjolnir in his possession, he didn't wield it. Instead, he gave it to Captain America, whom he awoke from stasis.

    Cap agreed to take the hammer, which turned him into an amalgam of Thor and Captain America (and made for yet another example of Cap wielding the hammer). Cap went back to doing what he does best: inspiring hope and fighting evil. In a particularly nasty clash alongside Uatu the Watcher, Cap was flung clear out of the solar system. As he hurtled away from Earth, he threw the hammer back - and Miguel caught it.

    Miguel was shocked that he was able to hold the hammer, but he didn't transform into a new version of Thor. This led him to reason that he needed to remain in his place as the head of Alchemax to do good as the corporate chief. His efforts were reflected in the book's depiction of future events, which showed a utopia bred from the good he and his fellow 2099 heroes did during their lifetimes.

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