Who Was America's Girlfriend in 2016?

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America's girlfriend means the best gal pal in all the US of A and can even be a boy! Upvote the people you think best represent America's GF.
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We all have serious crushes on the people on this list, but only one lady can claim the top spot in our hearts. Who is America’s girlfriend in 2016? The girls on this list make up a who's who of the most well-liked female celebrities. So who do you want to make your number one gal pal?

Maybe to you, America's 2016 girlfriend is one of the ladies at the top of the pop charts: Queen Bey? Selena Gomez? Taylor Swift? Or maybe even someone from T.Swift's own squad of cool girls: Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, or Cara DeLevigne? Are you in love with Anna Kendrick's hilarious tweets? Or obsessed with Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook? Dating any one of them would be a dream, but only one can win the title this year.

Don’t see your number one #girlcrush on here? Add her! Or do you think that a boy would make the best girlfriend? Add him, too! If they are someone you'd like to hang out with all the time, they belong here! Vote up your dream girl and make her America's girlfriend in 2016.


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