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Who Is Batman's Best Friend?

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Plenty of digital ink has been spilled debating who truly deserves the title of the Dark Knight’s greatest enemy - is it Joker, Bane, Riddler, maybe Kite Man? - but an equally deserving discussion is the much more wholesome question of “Who is Batman’s best friend?” It’s not as easy to answer as one might think.

Of the many words that could be used to describe Bruce Wayne, “friendly” is not one of them. Typically, Gotham’s Caped Crusader keeps his emotions locked away a lot tighter than the inmates at Arkham Asylum. Every now and then, though, someone will manage to form a real connection with the Batman against all odds.

The top candidates for the job of Batman’s best friend are obvious - Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, and even his frequent frenemy Superman - but they’re not the only ones with a claim to the title of No. 1 Bat-Pal. Maybe there is a big heart hiding under that cowl, after all.