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Kate Bishop Could Be The Better MCU Hawkeye - But Who Is She?

Avengers: Endgame may feature the greatest moments in Clint Barton’s super-heroic career, but the film won’t be the conclusion of the MCU Hawkeye’s story. At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced the coming of a Hawkeye series on the Disney+ streaming service by the fall of 2021 starring Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld. Then he really set the internet ablaze by announcing the series would mark the onscreen debut of one Kate Bishop.

For comic book fans, Bishop’s arrival is long-awaited - and for everyone else, it's a great opportunity to answer the question, “Who the heck is Kate Bishop?”

Having made her first appearance in 2005’s Young Avengers #1 alongside a handful of other youthful heroes - Kate Bishop has been a staple of the Marvel Comics superhero scene ever since. In fact, she’s become so well-established that she maintains the use of the Hawkeye moniker, even though Clint Barton is once again active. That just proves there’s room for more than one avenging archer in the hearts of Marvel fans everywhere. 

  • Kate Bishop Leads A Life Of Privilege, But Her Family Hides A Dark Secret

    The original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, had a rough childhood. He and his brother Barney escaped a dangerous household to literally be raised in a circus. Circumstances are much different for Katherine Elizabeth Bishop, who comes from a wealthy and influential family. But her early life is not without its darkness.

    After Kate’s mother perishes in an accident, Kate is raised by her father, a publishing magnate who remains distant from both Kate and her sister Susan. The reasons for this become clear when Kate witnesses her father's vicious behavior one night - and discovers his publishing career is just a front for an empire of organized crime.

  • Her Father’s Underworld Activities Bring Kate Into Contact With The Original Hawkeye

    Upon discovering her father’s underworld activities, young Kate Bishop becomes determined to uncover all his secrets. Displaying an early hint of her skills as a private eye, Kate follows her father to a late-night meeting with El Matador - only to end up captured and held for ransom by the bull fighter-themed supervillain.

    Bishop manages to escape but is nearly caught again - just before a whistling arrow announces the arrival of her saviors, Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers. As Kate watches Clint Barton and his teammates take down El Matador and his cronies, she’s inspired. She realizes that Barton is just an ordinary human with extraordinary talents.

  • The Avengers Inspire Bishop To Use Her Wealth For Good Long Before She Becomes A Superhero

    Long before Kate Bishop starts running around in spandex, the Avengers inspire her to be a different sort of hero. After being rescued, she uses her wealth to make the world a better place. She donates to charity, volunteers at shelters, and funds various initiatives.

    Though her father and sister (who is decidedly less altruistic than Kate) don’t understand her new way of life, Kate remains determined to make a positive difference. It won’t be long before she receives an opportunity to fund a world-changing movement. 

  • After A Brutal Central Park Attack, Bishop Trains Herself In Various Forms Of Combat - And Archery

    By the time she reaches adulthood, Kate Bishop is well-practiced at making the world a better place, but darkness still exists within her New York City home. One night while walking through Central Park, Bishop is attacked by a stranger.

    After using therapy to treat her PTSD, Kate vows never to feel powerless again, and takes direct inspiration from the career of Clint Barton. She trains in various forms of combat and self-defense, including martial arts and sword-fighting. Of course, she puts the majority of her focus into archery, and quickly becomes one of the world’s foremost talents in the field.