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Meet Moon Knight: The Superhero With Split Personalities And Powers Straight From An Egyptian God

Those reacting to the news that Marvel Studios was developing a Moon Knight series for the Disney+ streaming service mainly fell into two camps - those with unbridled excitement and those who were left wondering, “Who is Moon Knight?”

Explaining the backstory of Moon Knight is such a complex endeavor that it requires an asterisk on the character’s real name, Marc Spector - because the white-clad vigilante also goes by a handful of other monikers, like Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. This is a result of Spector’s dissociative identity disorder - perhaps the character’s defining trait, aside from his penchant for aggressively doling out justice.

With Moon Knight on the way to Disney+, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are about to become familiar with the antihero’s origins - Khonshu and all. Still, it’s a safe bet to say that viewers will be left with more questions than answers - that’s just the way it goes when you’re talking about a protagonist with a tenuous grip on reality.