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The Hidden Truth Behind The Lord Of Light, And Why He's Trying To Destroy Westeros

The god behind the extremely controversial, fire-based belief system in Game of Thrones is variously known as the Lord of Light, the Red God, and R’hllor. He attracts followers from all walks of life. Game of Thrones fans are familiar with multiple Red Priests and Priestesses, including Thoros of Myr and Melisandre, and they are as diverse as they are powerful. 

The religion of the Lord of Light—colloquially known among book-readers as "R’hllorism"—has already made a massive impact on the story. Without the Lord of Light, several dead characters would have remained dead instead of coming back to life. We also wouldn't have access to several important visions of the future. Most importantly, more than a few world-changing battles would have gone much differently. On the other hand, faith in R’hllorism also directly led to a small, innocent child being burned alive. It’s easy to see why the religion is controversial. So let's examine the history and lore of R'hllor and find out if it's worth converting.