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Which Demon Would Win In A Fight For Satan's Spot On The Throne?

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Plenty of demons reside in hell, and some are more well-known than others. Each has their own role within the underworld's bureaucracy, and each has their own powers with which to inflict manifold misery and suffering upon the poor lost sinners condemned to hell's depths.

While there is a defined hierarchy in hell, one must wonder which of the underworld's demons, with all their fire and fury, would reign victorious in a one-on-one showdown. This list pits hell's most infamous demons against Satan himself, and it's up to you to determine who comes out on top. Vote below on which of hell's demons would win in a face-off of celestial proportions.

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    Photo: Gustave Doré / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Role in Hell: Lucifer is the Emperor of Hell. He actually ranks higher than Satan, according to some demonology scholars.

    Powers: Intertwined with the sin of pride, Lucifer is the light-bearer who fell from heaven and took a multitude of angels-turned-demons with him, all because of his mission to lead mortals into sin. This demon is summoned by witches during their Sabbath and can call forth any other demons under him. 

    Win Factor: Technically, Lucifer has already unseated Satan, who is the de facto leader of hell. Many use the names Satan and Lucifer interchangeably, though the former is more commonly used in discussions of hell; however, Satan and Lucifer are two separate entities.

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  • Photo: Gustave Dore / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Role in Hell: This enormous sea creature serves in the first order of demons and is charged with pushing mankind towards the sin of envy. Leviathan has dominion over the sin of heresy and is the Grand Admiral of Hell. 

    Powers: Leviathan can breathe fire, and its heinous breath is said to be toxic to those who smell it. This demon, as ruler over the sea and all bodies of water, is covered in impenetrable scales and has monstrous claws on its fingertips.

    Win Factor: If the showdown takes place in water, Leviathan is sure to best any and all opponents. Using its horribly pungent breath to stun Satan, Leviathan could then grab him and drag him deep into the watery depths, returning to the surface victorious.

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    Photo: Louis Le Breton / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Role in Hell: Astaroth serves as the First Prince of Thrones and hell's treasurer. Astaroth is a crown prince and provides orientation and guidance to new demons entering the fold. 

    Powers: Astaroth has terrible breath and knows all secrets. He has the ability to push people into sloth and laziness.

    Win Factor: Secrets may be the key to Astaroth's victory. If he threatens to reveal Satan's deepest, darkest mysteries, the devil might just be coerced into stepping down from the throne. If that proves ineffective, Astaroth's putrid breath may just push Satan from his perch.

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    Photo: Louis Le Breton / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Role in Hell: Asmodeus is the Prince of Wantonness, King of Demons, and the demon of the sin of lust. He can also see into the future and is gifted with the ability to possess mortals.

    Powers: He uses the stars to induce madness in women and pushes people into gambling and other pleasures of the flesh. Asmodeus rides a dragon and sports three heads.

    Win Factor: Given an arena located in a casino, Asmodeus could turn Satan's head to thoughts of gambling or lust, allowing the demon of wickedness to ascend to the throne.

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