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Who Should Actually Be The Leader Of The Justice League?

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In both the Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder cuts of the film Justice League, Batman is the catalyst for the formation of this super-team of heroes that will protect our planet from the incursion of the nefarious forces hailing from the planet Apokolips. As such, Batman is kind of the de facto leader of the Justice League, even if he's also routinely the least popular member. Batman is often moody, aggressive, arrogant, cruel, and smug. Not much of a leader, when you think about it. Imagine that guy being your boss - not a pretty thought. Should Batman step aside for a more appropriate, less angsty leader? If so, who would that be? Who should actually be the leader of the Justice League? Let's find out together.

  • Martian hero J’onn J’onzz is, like Superman, an alien attempting to fit in with his fellow Justice League members. As one of the last remaining members of his race, Martian Manhunter has to grapple with tragedy and loss, like Batman and Cyborg. His powers are cosmic in nature, not unlike Green Lantern. And he's a fountain of wisdom and moral certainty, like Wonder Woman. He's also one of the longest-serving members of the League. In a sense, he might be the best option to replace Batman. He commands respect from everyone he works with.

    That said, he is also a bit cold and calculating. His logical mind lacks the warmth of Barry Allen or Clark Kent. But a wise, dispassionate leader might be just what the Justice League needs most.

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    What more needs to be said about DC Comics' most miserable superhero? Batman is a classic alpha, in that he commands any room he steps into. The loss of his parents defines his personality and makes him a moody guy to be around. He also doesn't always get along with his polar opposite, Superman. In the film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman becomes Superman's antagonist, as he fears that Superman might be the cause of humanity's downfall.

    Batman's unique place in the League as the only one without any sort of superpower makes him the hero with the most at stake and the most to lose. He's the only completely human member of the group, and he often acts as a passionate advocate for humanity in Justice League stories. But, he can also be cynical and paranoid and mistrusting of even his own allies. As the patriarch of the Bat-Family, Bruce Wayne has plenty of experience wrangling a diverse group of people and focusing them on the task at hand. Perhaps that's why he's the leader of the Justice League, too. Despite his dark exterior, Bruce Wayne is a father figure for many and is a man who is always trying to reconstitute the biological family he lost so many years ago.

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    Perhaps the most important characteristic of Wonder Woman that makes her such a compelling option for the leader of the Justice League is her level head and desire to use diplomacy first. She's a fighter, for sure, but she also possesses a knack for resolving conflicts without using her fists. Diana Prince is an adherent of compassion first and a staunch believer in humanity's potential. She's first and foremost an optimistic hero, much like Superman. Perhaps that's why Clark and Diana have had such a complicated history together. For all the same reasons that Superman is a good choice to lead the Justice League, Wonder Woman makes for a compelling option for the job.

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    Perhaps the most natural choice, Superman is morally upright and leads by example more often than not. He's honest, kind, and just an all-around good guy. So why not Superman? Well, he's also prone to being gullible, naive, and kind of like a big kid at heart. Superman's ideal role in the Justice League might be as the intellectual and emotional counterbalance to Batman's often harsh, cynical, authoritarian mentality. Superman is the warm center of the Justice League, but is that enough to lead?

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