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Who Should Actually Be The Leader Of The Justice League?

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Vote up the comic book characters you think would be the best leader for the Justice League.

In both the Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder cuts of the film Justice League, Batman is the catalyst for the formation of this super-team of heroes that will protect our planet from the incursion of the nefarious forces hailing from the planet Apokolips. As such, Batman is kind of the de facto leader of the Justice League, even if he's also routinely the least popular member. Batman is often moody, aggressive, arrogant, cruel, and smug. Not much of a leader, when you think about it. Imagine that guy being your boss - not a pretty thought. Should Batman step aside for a more appropriate, less angsty leader? If so, who would that be? Who should actually be the leader of the Justice League? Let's find out together.