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13 Filmmakers Who Should Get To Make The Next 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Film

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In November 2019, it was announced that writer and director Wes Craven's estate had begun actively seeking pitches for a new Elm Street movie. With this big horror news, fans immediately began to wonder: who will take the reins of this beloved franchise, and what direction will they take it? Will they bring back Robert Englund in his career-defining role as Freddy Krueger? Or will a new actor step into the striped sweater and fedora, as Jackie Earle Haley did in the previous Elm Street reboot from 2010? Choosing the right creative forces can make or break a film, and these candidates may just be up to the task. 

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    Mike Flanagan

    The visionary director behind Doctor Sleep and The Haunting of Hill House - both unique adaptations of horror novels by Stephen King and Shirley Jackson, respectively - has already expressed interest in a new Elm Street film, stating that he and his wife/frequent collaborator Kate Siegel have a "killer idea" for the franchise.

    Mike Flanagan proves time and again his mastery of the supernatural horror narrative, so his take on Freddy Krueger would no doubt be fresh.

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  • The man behind Get Out and Us cites A Nightmare on Elm Street as a key influence on his horror movie career.

    Furthermore, Jordan Peele shares the late Wes Craven's penchant for socially charged horror films that blend psychology, drama, and trauma with visceral scares.

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  • Coralie Fargeat's 2017 film Revenge presents audiences with a "final girl" both strong and vulnerable, a woman who fights to exhaustion to survive and vanquish evil. This is exactly the kind of character Wes Craven created with Nancy, and it's exactly the kind of character A Nightmare on Elm Street needs.

    Fargeat could also make a film right at home in the #MeToo era, given that Freddy Krueger is, at his core, a predator.

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      The Soska Sisters

      Dubbed "the Twisted Twins," Sylvia and Jen Soska know how to make a bloody good movie. Their take on Freddy might be a perfect blend of scary and funny, like his iteration in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

      Moreover, the Soskas publicly stated via their Twitter account that they want to see Heather Langenkamp - who played Nancy in the original film and Dream Warriors, as well as a fictionalized version of herself in Wes Craven's New Nightmare - back in action. Fans of the series would undoubtedly support this move.

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