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15 Strange Facts About Henry VIII You Definitely Didn't Learn in History Class

Updated 20 Aug 2020 1.7m views15 items

Henry VIII might be famous for killing two of his wives, but there was a lot more to the life of this early modern monarch than marital madness. So just who was Henry VIII? A superior athlete, a guy who liked to strut around and show off his gorgeous legs, a talented musician who might have composed a song or two, and an all-around egomaniac. But there are other things that raise the question of "What did Henry VIII do"?

In great contrast to his later break from the Church in Rome, Henry was once fervently pro-Pope, so much so that he went to the mat for the Holy Father and got quite the honor. In his spare time, he arranged marriages for close relatives, played a lot of tunes, and loved animals. And that's just the beginning of the odd facts about Henry VIII. Keep reading to find out more bizarre things about the life of Henry VIII.

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